Tower 15 Grenache Blanc

It’s time to kick-back with another fantastic summer #WineWednesday treat and this week is all about snagging that perfectly refreshing, value bottle on the night you happen to be running home from work to catch a sexy, fun Facetime or Google Hangout Date  (yes, this is my life).

In the case of this @WinoBee, my date this week happens to be with some of my best girls from college (made props to my girlies on the right!!) and this Tower 15 Grenache Blanc is set to keep the conversation (beyond vino) aflow!

Its upfront peach and apricot aromas hit you like a warm summer day at the orchard and its lavender and herb undertones compliment its fruit-forward attributes in a way thats luscious and inviting. On the palate, tons of honeysuckle and pear notes.

Cost: $18.50/bottle

Where to Buy: 

#PairingParty: July evenings are the perfect excuse for whipping up some shellfish, so why not pair this bad boy with a decadent Seafood Risotto? Try throwing in some calamari, shrimp, mussels and even fresh green peas – they’ll help brighten the dish with an earthiness that matches this bottle nicely!

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