Pepperwood Grove “Big Green Box” Chardonnay

Who doesn’t love a good summer outing? Its the perfect excuse to enjoy the weather and get your G.T.L on (that’s gym, tan, lush for us winos out there!) And let’s be honest, June through August (hell, even September) is the perfect excuse to kick back, relax and sip copius amounts adult beverages (ahem, we’re in our 20s so thats a totally acceptable excuse!)

Whether you’re wining at a rooftop soiree or porchin’ it out on your patio, we got the hookup for you! Pepperwood Grove has a new boxed Chardonnay that not only hits the summer sweet spot, but it make you feel good about what you’re drinking too. Why’s that? It’s got 4 bottles (thats nearly 25 glasses, kids) contained in just one eco-friendly, recyclable box – that means the winery itself is reducing its carbon footprint, but also allowing us the ability to sip with very little wastage since the wine keeps for a longer period of time in its style packaging.

But this wine isn’t just making an eco-impact, its leaving an impression on our tongues. While it seeps aromas of vanilla bean, hazelnut and lemon, its super citrus-driving in its taste. The green apple and grapefruit notes have such a nice acidty that break through typical, light summer fare – like grilled fish and even BBQed oysters (yummers!). Why not invite your friends or family over and try it out for yourself? If there’s any leftovers, you can always sip them flying solo for at least another month! We love that.

Cost: $17.99/box

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